Data Mining

We’ve entered a new digital age, where your decisions about what emails to open, links to click, websites to visit, and social media to engage with are collected and combed through by Big Business for information, both general and specific. Unfortunately, it’s no different in the field of higher education.

Hard Times for the Small College

Some small colleges face serious decisions about their viability, and it seems like the news is peppered with announcements of their demise.

An Opportunity for Reflection and Change

College should be an exciting opportunity for personal discovery and growth, so it has saddened and angered me to see in this week’s breaking news how some have treated a diploma from an elite school as a commodity to be bought through any means necessary, however immoral or illegal. I endorse the response to this news given by the professional organization of which I am a member, and I encourage you to read it.

Big Data on Campus

Big data has reached college admissions. Even college admissions departments are using customer-relations management systems (CRM) to track data on prospective students and organize information.

Hampshire Flounders

Hampshire College is turning 50 next year. But that’s only if they can survive until then.