For every student confronting an educational crisis or disciplinary action in college, I offer counseling so they can return to their studies.

When students are expelled from colleges due to behavioral infractions or educational problems, I help them get back on the path to academic success. I’ve counseled families to work through dismissals arising from disciplinary issues, honor code violations, or a student’s inability to maintain academic standards. I’ve managed students through expulsions relating to sexual misconduct, theft, illicit substance use, and criminal charges.

In the aftermath of such dismissals, I help parents and students to understand the ramifications of the student’s actions as well as what can be done to return to their studies—or establish alternate paths the student can take.

When addressing these issues, I have several specialties in navigating clients through a tangled knot of complicating factors:


Collaborating with counsel, I enable families to understand all ramifications of student actions.


I provide expert insight in choosing how to disclose and present information to potential colleges when students have had disciplinary actions against them from a previous school.


Relying on my extensive knowledge of programs and the admissions landscape, I  determine the most suitable options available to the student.


I advise the student in making pre-application plans to ameliorate previous actions.


I offer strategic leadership in helping students to show they’ve adjusted course and developed maturity.


To convey to admissions teams the student has made a change, I counsel families in proving a young adult’s commitment to remaining on track.


I work with the student, family, and the family’s legal team to collaborate on an approach to help the student plan a path to success. My students who have faced dismissals have gone on to graduate from college and attend graduate and professional school.

Together, we build a program to accomplish the necessary shift. I provide the structure, mettle, and strategic guidance to enable my students to pursue their academic goals.

“I have been thinking of you in the last couple of weeks. Our son graduated from The University of Rochester on May 21st with a 3.68 grade point average.

I so connected with your frank and clear manner. It was what was needed, it is what I understand best and, I knew that my son would find it grounding. This is all to say, again, thank you so much. You scooped us up and told us it would be okay. We will always be grateful.” —L.M.

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