We coach each student to write a personal essay for college admissions that authentically captures their voice, personal history, and distinctive identity through exemplary storytelling.

For many high school students, writing is hard. When you combine that with the pressure of college admissions and the challenge of writing a personal narrative, which many students haven’t done, the composition process becomes even more daunting. The essay is perhaps the most personal part of the application, and that can be a source of significant stress for young writers.

Our college essay coaches are brilliant mentors, and they understand what the admissions essays need to communicate about the student—about their identity, capability, life experience, and passions. With a deft and gentle touch, they guide students through the writing, helping them to decide on a topic, develop a narrative, and refine it.

Through this process, our mentors support each student’s voice and personal history to come through in a way that captures their distinctive identity, as follows:


We consider the topics, experiences, and stories that might make the most engaging essay, relying on our storytelling expertise to help students choose the subject.


Once students settle on a topic, we help them outline the essay and develop notes for it.


At the end of our coaching sessions, we give students assignments to flesh out the essay, which we’ll help them strengthen during subsequent sessions.


After refining the draft, we vet the final version, making sure that the storytelling is strong and the grammar is top-notch.


Our students have written outstanding college admissions essays about living as an expat in Italy, becoming closer to an uncle with developmental disabilities, camping in a snowstorm, creating a rogue school sweater, performing a comedy routine, and reflecting on the passage of time. Our mentors have an ability to hear our students’ inner truths, and, in turn, our young writers are empowered to go deep in their essays.

“Exciting news! I got into NYU’s, Emerson’s, and Chapman’s BFA programs! I wanted to thank you and Jeremy for all the help! Without you two placing me in the right direction and getting me through this entire application process I don’t know where I’d be!” —Z.G.

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