As a former therapeutic consultant, I have unmatched expertise in shepherding students from therapeutic programs to success in college admissions.

For students who have spent time in therapeutic residential treatment, applying to college can be challenging. Admissions officers will have questions about transcripts, courses, grades, and the level of academic rigor.

Students who have attended a wilderness program or residential treatment may have interruptions in their educational history that they need to explain—and that’s where I come in.

I have counseled students from over 40 programs, including wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers. My experience in the world of therapeutic consulting gives me significant advantages when counseling post-program students about college:


Having visited over 50 therapeutic programs, I’m familiar with many of the programs’ curriculums, staff, and academic counseling services.


I have an expertise in guiding students through post-program logistics and helping them prove they’re ready for the rigor of an undergraduate program.


I offer expert guidance about communicating the student’s history, transcript, educational record, disciplinary record, and personal feelings in required supplemental materials we’ll work on together. I mentor students in skillfully presenting their history.


I’m deeply familiar with the colleges that are receptive to students who emerge from treatment programs with greater life experience, and which colleges can provide the emotional support required when moving from a highly structured program to a fully independent one.


I combine an empathy for my students with a skillful, no-nonsense strategy in getting them into the college best suited for them.


I provide a bridge between therapeutic environments and college, and I’ve guided over 100 students with therapeutic backgrounds to successful admissions at numerous schools.

My post-program students have developed a self-awareness and life wisdom that consistently impresses me. My mission is to help them thrive in their college years and beyond.

“Marcia has that special something that enables her to really get to know your child and the ins and outs of each school. For our family, Marcia added value and insight that no other professional could have provided. I also appreciated her unusually fast response time.

She maximized my son’s admission chances with her advice on which schools to visit given the limited time we had, and about how to present his ‘mixed’ record in certain sections of his application. Marcia went far above and beyond what we expected. She is one of a kind. Truly exceptional!!” —C.F.

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