I offer authoritative insight on college admissions and educational supports for students with learning differences, and I match them with the colleges that offer resources tailored to their needs.

Students who have struggled in school because of slow processing, dyslexia, auditory processing issues, non-verbal learning disability, and other learning challenges may need extra support at college.

Having specialized in this arena for many years, I’m particularly attuned to the challenges of students who have learning differences. To make sure our students are successful, I match them with the colleges that offer support tailored to their needs.

Over the years of my consulting work, I’ve visited hundreds of schools, assessed the services offered, and talked with staff about the assistance they provide. That background ensures I can offer authoritative insight on these educational supports, and here’s why:


We know the colleges and universities that have the resources to help students with learning differences achieve success in a mainstream environment.


Relying on formal assessments and our own expertise, I come to understand a student’s unique learning approach and what type of support would best suit them.


I help students and parents to understand their options and make the best choice for academic success.


With the appropriate support in place, the students I’ve advised have been accepted to supportive schools with significant merit scholarships, and have gone on to successful professional careers and competitive graduate programs.

“From start to finish, Marcia was not only a pleasure to work with but she exceeded all our expectations in a college consultant. She did not take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach by any means, but took to time to get to know and understand my son, and his learning differences, in order to guide and help him through the college process—ultimately finding the best fit for him. Her kindness, intelligence, responsiveness, and patience make her a pleasure to work with.” —B.B.

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