In my post-secondary placement consulting, I guide students to personal development programs or a secondary post-graduate year that give them life experience while preparing them for college.

All parents want their children to be successful at college. But when students graduate from high school, some of them aren’t ready for college academically, socially, or emotionally—for reasons relating to their social skills, learning differences, executive functioning, or mental health issues.

For those students who would benefit from an extra year of academic studies, personal development, or real-world experience, I have proven skill in steering them to the best options available.

I offer highly strategic post-secondary placement consulting, and I make it my mission to find the best fit for my students:


I’m familiar with numerous individualized programs that provide support and scaffolding while also guiding students to appropriate goals.


I find the optimal programs to allow young adults to develop and build their experience, skills, self-understanding, and maturity.


I develop a list of options for programs that target the strength the student needs to build.


I approach this process with the same empathy and strategic skill that I bring to all of my work.


I’ve guided students to volunteer service, academic abroad opportunities, and transition programs; I’ve helped others to find leadership expeditions and some to postgraduate studies. After their experiences, they’ve emerged organized and on point, with enthusiasm about college, a deeper recognition of its value, and an eagerness to engage academically.

At the end of their experiences, students are able to successfully handle the full independence of college along with the academic rigor required of them.

“Marcia Kramer did outstanding work with our son and our family helping us find a good residential transitional program. Our son graduated from a rigorous academic college in four years—and was cum laude to boot! He was quickly employed in his field of interest. Marcia has been with us every step of the way. She’s the best!” —K.V.

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