We provide expert guidance on the most effective college admission strategies, navigating students and families through every step of the application process.

Each high school student has a unique aspiration for what they want to accomplish in college. At Plan the Path, we work tirelessly to help our students gain admission to the ideal school.

With well over a decade working in this field, I have extensive knowledge of schools, programs, and admissions logistics. This allows me and my team to provide expert insight in guiding our students through the questions and tasks of the college search process.

Here are our distinctive offerings and advantages:


My colleagues and I provide expert guidance on the most effective admission strategies and authoritative answers to all of your questions.


We create a personalized list of potential colleges based on a thorough assessment of a student’s academic history, educational goals, and considerations in choosing a school.


We help students and families during every step of the complex admissions process, navigating them through admissions systems, test scores, interview strategies, and more. Making the application process manageable and straightforward.


We approach each situation with the frankness the student deserves; we are never unkind but always honest about what the student and family can expect. Based on our admissions expertise, we provide realistic assessments of the possibilities and strategies for each student.

We mentor students in writing powerful personal essays and supplemental statements that capture their voice and identity.


We offer straight talk, reassuring words, and a bird’s-eye view of what needs to get done.


We offer comprehensive plans for the entire admissions process from start to finish; in addition, we offer specific plans for college lists, essay coaching, and more.


As our students and families will attest, our outcomes for over 15 years have been phenomenal. Plan the Path students have been admitted to multiple schools and received large offers of merit scholarships.

“I’m sending you this email with immense gratitude. Without your guidance, I would’ve never even considered anything other than NJIT. Not long after our meeting, I went to RPI for a campus visit, and I absolutely fell in love. I’ve just received my acceptance letter, and I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to go to Rensselaer, and I owe it all to you. Thank you.” —K.S.

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