There are numerous milestones in our work together: from deciding on a college list to finishing the Common App essay, submitting the final application, and—eventually—celebrating admissions decisions. Each step of this process is shaped by our values—about relationships, personal responsibility, and how to best support our students’ growth.

We have eight core values:


When we start new relationships with our clients, we recognize that this is a time for discovery. We engage each student with empathy, curiosity, good humor, and warmth.


We make it our task to fully comprehend our students’ dreams, strengths, and challenges. Once we understand our students’ identities and values, we then put the full weight of our expertise behind them.

Whether your dream is exploring robotics, farming, or comedic performance, we’re here to get you into the setting—be it lab, soil, or stage—that satisfies your passions.


In our role as your advocate, we will help you articulate and accomplish your goals. We believe the most effective way to support you is to be very clear about what you need to do.


We approach each situation with the frankness the student deserves; we are never unkind but always honest about what the student and family can expect.

Based on our admissions expertise, we provide realistic assessments of the possibilities and strategies for each student.


Integrity is fundamental to our work. Our goal is to create the most authentic, comprehensive portrait of each student through all of the materials we submit—essays, résumé, activities list, and additional documentation.


Our commitment to our students’ success means that we cultivate their autonomy and agency. We establish clear expectations for our students; in so doing, we are supporting them to take up the responsibilities that characterize college.


Throughout all of our work, lightheartedness and wellbeing are essential, especially in a process that can be full of stress and heartache. We help students to keep balanced even when deadlines are looming.


Strategic insight is our greatest asset in achieving successful outcomes for our students. We know when early decision is the right call, when to push for a more powerful personal essay, and when it’s better to skip submitting SAT or ACT scores.

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