Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Since Benjamin Franklin funded the founding of this small liberal arts school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, over 200 years ago, Franklin & Marshall College has perennially ranked as one of the country’s top schools of its kind and size.

Cold, pelting rain didn’t stop me from revisiting Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, this past week. I never tire of touring this small liberal arts school, with its traditional, red brick campus, and refamiliarizing myself with its great career counseling services, innovative residential housing system, and expansive variety of course offerings.


F&M is thoughtful about its mission, and how to best educate its students; they pride themselves on their unique programs, but stick to their broad-based curriculum and their fair number of general ed requirements, including two full years of a foreign language. This year, applications are up 30%—clearly I am not alone in thinking that for anyone with above-average grades who is seeking a Northeast liberal arts education at a smaller-sized college, this is a must-consider school.

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