Getting a Running Start


Getting a Running Start: One of the big differences between the college experience a generation ago and now is that these days we expect our students to have some experience in the workplace before they graduate—and this is gained through the ubiquitous opportunity for a college internship.

There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about internships, most importantly, making sure that they are worthwhile. The last thing anyone wants to do is to spend the hot summer filling a latte order, taking out the recycling, filing, and shredding documents.

Make sure you ask yourself these questions:

• Is there a description of the job, and a list of expectations? If not, ask the person responsible for internships to provide one.

• Is there a mentor you report to? Please reach out to that person before you begin your job.

Has there been an intern before you? Do you need to create the position? If so, then make sure you discuss this with the person who hired you.

If you are working without pay, please make sure that the field is of interest to you, and valuable for future employment.

• The benefits of a good internship are immeasurable. They will provide you with:
• Hands-on experience
• Skills relevant to your area of interest
• Networking in your field
• Evidence of student initiative
• Demonstration of maturity