Getting to Know U

As part of the admissions process, some colleges may request you to arrange an interview. This is your opportunity to bring your application to life—to show a college who you are as a three-dimensional, vibrant person with all of your interests, personality, and passions. While not all colleges offer interviews—since bigger schools do not have the time or personnel to conduct them—smaller ones often recommend them. The person you’ll talk with might be an admissions officer; in other cases, your interviewer will be an alumnus who reports back to the school their impressions.

There are some important things you should know about interviewing. First: The interview provides another context for you to round out your application that showed you only on paper. Second: Keep calm. If you go into the interview well-prepared and with a genuine interest in the school, you’ll be fine; you can trust that your natural enthusiasm and engagement will come through. Also, remember that the interview is your opportunity to evaluate the school, not just for them to evaluate you. The conversation gives you an excellent opportunity to explore your curiosities about the school with an individual who knows it well.