International Universities

International Universities

I have recommended international universities to students for many years now, but only recently have my students expressed an interest in going abroad or to Canada. Going to college outside of the United States is an idea that is gaining traction. In fact, in the past two years I have attended three presentations by the British Council on universities in the UK. Despite our basic understanding of world class institutions like Cambridge, Oxford and the London School of Economics, there are a whole group of schools throughout the UK that are worth looking at. In my most recent tour of McGill, the admissions office told me American applications are up by over 25% making the school more competitive for American students.

Click here for links to Canadian universities and those in the UK. You might discover that studying abroad is for you. If you have more questions about the admission process to international schools please contact me for more information.

Dickinson College, Carlyle, Pennsylvania

Despite icy rain and a covering of wet snow, I had the pleasure of touring Dickinson College in Carlyle, Pennsylvania, this week. The rigorous academics, the breadth of curriculum, the robust campus life, and the extent of extracurricular activities I learned about first-hand tell only part of the story.

The students themselves were the best advertisement for their school. They spoke enthusiastically about the relationships with their professors and administration, the involved and engaged student body, and a myriad of opportunities for undergraduate research and studying abroad. If you are at all interested in small liberal arts colleges, don’t overlook a visit to Dickinson.


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