In the latest issue of our newsletter we discuss five subjects of interest to college and high school students, as well as parents.

  • Considering Women’s Colleges discusses the merits of attending a same-sex college for women. While there are only 40 left, down from a high of 200, many are among the top-ranked schools in the country.
  • The Best Majors for Lucrative Careers looks at educational paths that lead to solid financial success. While some of these subjects will be no surprise, others will be not what you expected.
  • After Submitting Your Applications reviews the next steps for Seniors who might want to sit back and relax after hitting the Send button on their early applications.
  • Prepare for Takeoff points out the advantages of overcoming the fear of traveling more than a car-ride away from home for school. Many benefits await those who are willing to fly away to college. 
  • Merit Scholarships Make Private Colleges More Affordable recaps the growing trend among private schools to try and avoid losing quality students to lower-cost public universities. 

Congratulations to those who have already heard good news, and best of luck to all as the acceptance emails go out—hope you enjoy our post!

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