There are many questions that students have during the college search process. Among them: Should I apply for early admission or early decision? What’s my goal in the interview? How do I research colleges? What do I need to do and when? In our ongoing series of Guides, we provide comprehensive walk-throughs on fundamental tasks of the college admissions journey. Check out our guides to researching colleges, what to do when visiting, and how to ace an interview 

Visiting Colleges

Once you’ve done the preliminary college search footwork to determine which schools you want to visit, finalize your plan and sign up for a tour and information session on the schools’ Admissions pages. The goal of visiting is to make sure that the campus—which includes its vibe, professors, student population, amenities, facilities, and local surroundings—would be a good place to explore your academic interests, pursue extracurriculars, and develop new relationships.

Researching Colleges

Researching a college online to decide if it potentially fits your interests—and if you want to visit—is one of the fundamentals of the college admissions search process. And it’s a tricky task, because it’s difficult to know what a college is like, without being a student.

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