Take It From Me:

Some of my students can be very stubborn, and they often hold on fiercely to assumptions they’ve made about schools they know only little about.

I tried to talk to this one girl until I was blue in the face but she wouldn’t listen to me at all; she had just a handful of colleges she was interested in visiting and stuck firmly to her position. My suggestions fell on deaf ears, especially when I was trying to sell her on visiting schools we both felt confident she could get into.

After months of cajoling, she finally agreed to take a trip to North Carolina and Virginia. And voila! She loved the schools I suggested she look at. I don’t think she wanted to (being convinced beforehand that one was too big, one wasn’t competitive enough, and one was too out of the way), but despite herself she loved all three of them. I breathed a sigh of relief that now we wouldn’t have to argue about safety schools!

So when it comes to college, sometimes getting one’s feet on the campus can make all the difference in the world. You just never know until you get there.

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