In the latest issue of our newsletter we continue to cover subjects of interest to both college and high school students, as well as parents.

  • The Rise of Test Optional Admissions – Although many colleges have considered candidates for admission without standardized test results for years, there has been a recent increase in the number and selectivity of colleges offering test optional admissions.  Learn more about this growing movement and how it pertains to you.
  • Majoring in Public Administration – Students interested in careers in public service will find themselves well-positioned for anticipated openings by majoring in public administration.
  • Early Decision/Early Action and Their Effect on Financial Aid – Although Early Decision can significantly increase your chance of admission at many colleges, there is a potential downside in ED for students who require financial aid to attend college.  Read this to learn how ED/EA admissions can affect your total cost of college.
  • Senioritis Strikes! – The symptoms show up every year: High school seniors try to balance extracurricular activities, a social life, college admission, and perhaps a part-time job. Somewhere along the way, homework begins to seem less important and spending time with friends becomes the top priority. 
  • Why Are You Applying Here? – The popular “Why this college?” supplemental essay requires applicants to dive deeply into programs at that institution, thinking about the student’s interests, strengths and goals, and looking for how these mesh with those of the school. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy autumn—hope you enjoy our post!

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