In the latest issue of our newsletter we continue to cover subjects of interest to both college and high school students, as well as parents.

Our lead story, Managing Stress in Today’s World, is a summary of a study on Generation Z and the particular issues they face that add anxiety to their lives.

We also focus on Interdisciplinary Majors, a trending option for students who want to craft their own hybrid area of study.

With the new FAFSA going live October 1, parents will want to read our Financial Matters piece about the ins and outs of this required form for student aid.

High school underclassmen who plan on applying to highly selective universities will be interested to learn important facts about course choice in our Rigor of Curriculum tip sheet.

Finally, a recent East Coast college grad goes on a road trip and discovers the “Last Best Place on Earth” on a tour of Montana State University.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new school year—hope you enjoy our post!

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