In the latest issue of our newsletter we continue to cover subjects of interest to students involved in the college search—and those getting ready to begin school in just a month or two, including Advice for New College Freshmen. In this article you will find many suggestions on how to make a successful transition from home to campus.

In our focus on majors, we take a close look at Environmental Science and the careers a major in this area prepares one for, such as Sustainability Consultant and Habitat Restoration Engineer.

Continuing our look at Financial Matters, in this issue we examine pre-college legal and money matters, including banking and insurance plans for incoming freshmen.

Of great interest to seniors beginning their applications is our in-depth look at the essays—how to approach them, how not to stress about them, and how to develop the best essays possible.

As always, hope enjoy the great read waiting for you—and best wishes for a great summer!

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