University of Maryland Baltimore County


University of Maryland Baltimore County

Most of us who are familiar with the world of higher education know about certain schools. For instance, we all know the names of the Ivy League schools—Harvard and Princeton are parts of our everyday vocabulary. But by focusing on these well-known, elite colleges, we are missing some of the gems that exist. This is the first part of a longer series of articles where I will introduce colleges you ought to know.

University of Maryland Baltimore County:
What a gem of a school. UMBC is part of the Maryland state system but is overshadowed by its larger competitor, the University of Maryland, College Park. But UMBC has distinct advantages. It’s got a robust curriculum in all STEM fields; that is what has put UMBC on the map. But there are other majors worth exploring at this excellent school, including aging services, STEM education, emergency health services and geography and environmental systems, to name a few. And perhaps one of UMBC’s great strengths is its president, Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III. He is a dedicated administrator and has done much for the school. He knows students by name, has them in his office, has met with my own students when they have struggled, has won numerous awards and has positions on many national organizations. One of his greatest strengths is his oratory ability.

If anyone has the chance to hear him speak it will be worth their time; I’d have to say he’s the best speaker on the topic of Higher Education I have heard. There is much more to extoll about UMBC, so take a look at its website in order to learn more. For those students interested in a medium-size school with an extremely strong science and math program (as well as others) this school is worth looking at. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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